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Please take a look at this because I think it's a good cause. :)

Just got back from Gelare at Bangsar.. met up with Lynn and Lai Min there for ice cream and bumped into potatoe - hehe. I managed to persuade him to take a photo with me, but nope, I promised him I wouldn't post it up. Tee hee.. he is such a cutie *wink*

I've been going out every night for the past week and have never been home before midnight. Dad is not happy, but he's tolerating it for now so I think I better stay home and be good or something soon.. but I only have about 18 days more before I leave! I wanna see everyone! Hehehe..

Anyone going for Playboy Mansion this friday at Nouvo? I feel like dressing up in bunny ears for the occasion but.. ahem, I don't wanna look too wierd.

I need sleep.

Whoa, didn't know a simple garlic post would raise a discussion storm, but I did enjoy reading your views, thank you for all the comments. Hopefully though, I won't meet anymore people like that woman. But it did make an interesting post.

I was in BSC again selling my Swarovski stuff on Saturday afternoon.. very tiring!

'Some earrings I sell'

'Bracelets, 3 for RM 30!'

Saturday night was cool. First, me and Bron went to see the Brasil - Malaysia game at Bukit Jalil, and I took a bunch of pictures.. I discovered my digicam can really zoom, and I managed to get a couple of shots of the goal area, unfortunately as with most digital zooms, it's not really clear.


'Almost-goal, first half'

Score was 4-0, not 10-0 as unknowingly reported by Joe - Malaysia did pretty OK defending in the first half, but I think they got worn down by the second half because all 4 goals were scored then.. or maybe Brasil was just not playing competitively.

Right after the game, I went off to Lara's birthday thingie in Casabel's - met up with her family and some friends, had a couple of drinks etc.. then went to Aero to meet up with Bron, Alice, CW etc.. after that we went to Atmosphere, at the time it was about 2+ am already, so the night went on for a while more. Bron bought me a Flaming and I had another Margarita (pfft!) and then we went to the mamak for some maggi mee goreng.

Speaking of food..

I've been on a binge because I'm trying to eat as much of the stuff I like before heading to NZ (Probably a bad move!) I had maggi mee goreng, Ravi's nasi lemak kambing when I yumchar-ed with Tiff on Sunday night, curry mee two days in a row, claypot chicken rice in Lot 10's foodcourt (the best!!) and loads of mamak drinks.

'Claypot chicken rice

'Can you say hot?'

I probably need to get some exercise.