Much, much more!

The long awaited release of deviantMAG issue 2 is finally here! It's looking better than ever so go check it out :)

Featured this issue in deviantMAG:

- An interview with Eric Jordan from

- Walking Around Town, a three-part article on photography for the wandering tourist

- An interview with our very own Scott Jarkoff

- An interview with Russ Schwenkler, better known as dangeruss, one of the best known application skinners there is

- Still on a search for a Macintosh-compatible webcam. Any Mac users out there with a webcam please let me know what you're using. I'm just about pulling all my hair out now. :)

Wierd, I just got an e-flyer from Nouvo saying it's the Nouvo Mansion Part 1 - I'm very very sure I saw it on the banner/screen as Playboy Mansion, they probably had some copyright issues? Heh.

I'm about 10% done packing, as in actually putting things in my luggage :\ Blah.