My weekend was hella fun

Today me and Bron went on a mad spree. We went to Lot 10, and I saw this really cute Kookai bag I will probably go back and buy. I bought a pair of Adidas martial arts sneakers with Bron but mine are black and he got the white ones, and I bought him a really nice oxidized silver bracelet for his birthday.. and he bought me the female version! Perlini's has some really nice silver stuff. I so wanted this silver ring, but I don't think I can afford to shop anymore :) I've been spending too much!!

I also bought some leather strings to make jewelry out of, and Bron bought me my wedge heels that his dog chewed up.. LOL.. I'm so happy to have them back again! It was on 50% too, Vincci was having a sale.

'This dog chewed my wedges!'

Watched Penelope Cruz's Woman on Top on Star Movies Sunday night, it reminds me of 'Like Water for Chocolate' but not as good. Has anyone read the book Like Water for Chocolate? It's bloody good. The movie's not as good.

Was gonna update earlier today but my server was experiencing some downtime, so I'm back. It was only for a short while anyway.

Got this from Mellissa:

Where do you LIVE?

I wish.

Today while picking up some groceries in Giant, I saw the stupidest thing - a woman, a mother at that, was picking up one garlic at a time, peeling off the outer layers and extracting a clove from each garlic and putting it into her plastic bag. Then, she would throw the garlic back into the pile. Sometimes, after taking a clove out, she would examine it and throw it back. I was watching her for about 3 minutes, in disbelief, before I gave in and walked up to her.

I said to her (in chinese) 'You must be kidding me, how can you be so selfish as to do something like that?' Her reply, 'You don't have to buy the (broken) garlic, no one asked you to buy them..' then I said pretty loudly, 'Why are you peeling all the garlic one by one? You cannot afford to buy the whole thing izit?'

At this point, people were giving her stares, so she walked off with her stash of garlic cloves.

It's not the garlic, dammit. I cannot stand people who do these things, thinking of only themselves, bloody kiasu woman. If I actually worked there, I'd annouce it over the PA. I was also tempted to offer her 3 bucks to buy a kilo of that stuff. Hiaks.

Plus, she was rude too. And she had her with her. She probably teaches her the same thing, and they'd probably grow up to be as obnoxious as their mother. Ish ish.


Me and Bron cooked up a storm for dinner, we had Linguini with meatballs in tomato sauce and it was perfect. We always overdo it, so as usual we ended up with alot of leftover food.. which will be our lunch tomorrow.

I am finding this pretty fun. How far can you go? I finished all single goal mazes and gave up after the third multi-goal maze. Boy, they're tough.